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Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw Blue/Black Electric Blanket Heat Warm Soft NWT

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Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw Blue/black Electric Blanket Heat Warm Soft

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* 100% Polyester * This extra soft, Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw Blanket gently wraps you in warmth with ThermoFine technology to auto-adjust for consistent heat control * The PrimeStyle Controller includes 3 heat settings so you can choose the right warmth for you and features a 3-hour Auto Off function allowing for peace of mind * Made of 100% Polyester Fleece. This extra soft Headed Throw Blanket is machine-washable and dryer-safe without shrinkage * This product comes with a 5-year limited warranty from Sunbeam. The Sunbeam brand strives to provide complete customer satisfaction and confidence * Throw measures 50" x 60"