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Smileactives Super-Size Advanced Teeth

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* Smileactives Power Whitening Gel is formulated with Polyclean technology to
help boost stain removal and deliver whitening ingredients to teeth. The foam helps lift and remove surface stains that have accumulated over time. Mix with any toothpaste and get to brushing for results you can see within 30 days. How do I use it: Dispense equal parts toothpaste and Power Whitening Gel onto toothbrush. We recommend one pump of gel every time you brush. Tip: You may need to pump several times with the first use to dispense gel. Brush teeth for two minutes, starting with the front surfaces. Don't forget to brush back surfaces where plaque, tartar and stains can hide. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use twice daily, every day. From Smileactives. Includes: * 7.6-oz Power Whitening Gel * Includes six 0.11-fl oz Whitening Pens in Multi Flavor * Multi Flavor: Vanilla Mint, Ultramint, and Spearmint Splash, Winterberry, Orange Ice